About us

What do Kings Cross Luggage Storage actually do?

Kings Cross Luggage Storage provides a convenient option for tourists, businessmen and others who may be making a trip to London to drop off their luggage before exploring the city. For more information, please read our about us page.

What makes you different from your competition?

Our services are significantly cheaper than all of our competition, for services that match with what they offer. A lot of other companies in the local area are run by big corporations, whereas ours is a small, locally-run business. By supporting us, you will be supporting local businesses and the local economy. We appreciate your support!

Where is Kings Cross Luggage?

The address of our store is:

313 Grays Inn Road,
Kings Cross,

Do you have busy periods?

Yes. We find that our services are most in demand during weekends and national holidays. If you are using our services during these times, please make sure that you allow extra minutes for dropping off and collecting your luggage.


Can I reserve my luggage storage place in advance?

Yes, we recommend you to book in advance. 

To do this, simply click here or visit the book now page and follow the instructions to complete your booking.

This process should be straight forward, but if you need help, please feel free to contact us for further support.

Why should I book online if I can just pay on the day?

Those who pre-book will be granted automatic access to our priority service, which enables you to feel reassured that we will have space for you when you arrive, even during our busy period.

This service also grants you permission to proceed to the front of the queue, making your process far quicker than if you were to turn up on the day.

Can I use your service if I haven’t booked online in advance?

Yes. Although those who book online will be able to access our priority service, we do everything we can to accommodate those who turn up on the day without booking in advance.

What happens if I turn up on the day and you don’t have any room for my luggage?

If you haven’t booked in advance, you do run the risk of our facilities being full when you arrive—especially during busy periods. We will try our best to accommodate your luggage, but in the event that we are unable to do so, our staff will help you find a local luggage storage facility that is able to store your luggage.

Opening Times

What are your opening times?

Kings Cross Luggage is open 7 days a week, from 8:30AM to 23:59PM. Please note that our opening times may change during national holidays. For more information, please get in contact or visit our about us page.

Will you allow me to pick up my luggage outside of opening times if I ask in advance?

No. Our longer opening hours are in place to be as helpful as possible to our customers. However, we will not be able to open our storage facility until the shop reopens the next day.


How much does Kings Cross Luggage cost?

The price of storing your luggage with us will depend on varying factors, including how long you plan to store your luggage with us. Our regular price is £4.00 per bag for a day.

What payment options do you offer?

We accept credit and debit card payments both online and in-store. We also offer the option to pay by cash when you leave your luggage at our store.

Service Questions

How can I book online with Kings Cross Luggage Storage?

Yes, visit our Home Page and follow the below stops


  1. Click on “Book Now” button
  2. Enter your drop off and pick up date and time and click “Book Now”
  3. Check your luggage quantity and service charge and then click “Proceed to Checkout”
  4. Enter your information and click “Place Order”. Your order will be successfully added to Kings Cross Luggage Storage.


How do you make sure my items are safe when your shop is closed?

Kings Cross Luggage goes the extra mile when it comes to security measures. We have CCTV that operate inside and outside the shop 24/7, and intruder alarms to prevent burglaries while the shop is closed.

Do I need to lock my bag before bringing it to Kings Cross Luggage?

No. Your bag will be monitored by 24hr CCTV coverage, and stored in a dedicated luggage storage area. We will ensure that your luggage is never unsupervised while it is in our care.