Luggage Storage in Kings Cross


Do you have a few hours before you can check into your vacation rental, or before you leave for the next train home, and you want to do some sightseeing — but this can also mean you would have to slog along crowded sidewalks with your luggage in tow. The luggage storage service allows you to leave your luggage in a safe and secure zone, and you are able to walk around freely. We at Kings Cross Luggage provide you this solution. Located in the vicinity of London city, Kings Cross Luggage is a short 3-minute walk from the Kings Cross Station.  It is true that there are a handful of left luggage services in London but here are some unique factors that make our service the best!

Great service for a competitive price

Regardless of traveling by rail, air or Eurostar, we will be there to offer you a break from the baggage that weighs you down when you tour around the city. London is a beautiful city and you have to be relaxed and excited to journey the city to get the best out of it. Our luggage storage charges stand at a flat fee of just £4.00 per day, and cater to storing luggage for just a few hours, days or even weeks.

Why spend more when you can get the best and most convenient service at a cheaper price? Since we are located a few blocks away from the Kings Cross Station, you can leisurely visit the attractions around the city of London.

When you book, tell us how long you would like to store your luggage, and we will keep your luggage safe for the best price in the town with our secure, manned storage facilities.

Dedicated to delivering the best service

Our staff is extremely attentive and friendly. We understand that you need someone trustworthy to leave your belongings and we make it our duty to make sure that your requirements are met. We have hundreds of high-rated reviews on our website, with an average 5-star rating as well. We are a small company and we intend to treat each customer with the same amount of respect and quality of service.

Rather than a transaction, we want to give our clients the assurance of their luggage to be safely tucked away and they can come back and pick it up whenever. This standard and quality of our service is the reason we thrive and our hope is to deliver our customer requirements. Come and experience our service and let us know your thoughts!

Best Security measures

Kings Cross Left Luggage delivers extensive security measures, so our clients do not have to worry about items from your bags mysteriously disappearing without their knowledge. With security cameras that work 24/7 and intruder alarms during our closing hours, your belongings will be safe while you explore the city.

Do reassure the quality of our service, there is a £750 insurance attached to every order. If something does go wrong, or your items are lost, you are covered. We understand that you require the safety of your items and we believe that it is our duty to take the burden off your shoulder while you travel across the city. Let us take care of your luggage as we offer the best security to keep our clients happy.

We are above the traditional 9 - 5 services!

London is one of the most visited cities with its stunning weather, distinct culture, and history. London is the city that does not sleep and there is a lot to explore within your short stay. This is why we have moved away from the usual left luggage service opening hours and work a little extra. You can drop off and pick up your luggage at any time between 8:30 AM and 23:59 PM. There is no hurry– go out there and enjoy your time in London! We are located close to many of the sightseeing places.

Granary Square with its 1,080 choreographed water fountains, which light up spectacularly in the evening, British Library that expounds the legacy of the city and Museum that is a time capsule will keep you occupied.  Or imagine you arrived in London at night; our doors will be still open for you. Simply make the booking online so that we can deliver an efficient and faster service.

Flexible booking options

All you have to do is book online in advance or make an “on the day” drop off and you can trust us to keep your luggage safe and secure while you discover the city of London. You might be thinking about why you have to book online. Well, the reason is that the clients who pre-book will be granted automatic access to our priority service, which enables you to feel reassured that we will have space for you when you arrive, even during our busy period.

However, we do everything we can to accommodate the clients who turn up on the day without booking in advance. We accept credit and debit card payments both online and in-store. The option to pay by cash when you collect your luggage is also available.

We offer both long-term and short-term storage options

Whether you are in London for one day or one week, we got you covered. If you are visiting the city or making a business trip, we can help you embrace everything London has to offer by long-term and short-term storing options for your heavy luggage. Our aim is to make your journey and time spent in London a more feasible and flexible one.

More often than not, you will be dragging your luggage with you, paying more than you have to keep them safe or left with doubt whether you can trust the service provider. With us, the difference is we make sure that you are relieved in acquiring our service. We clarify your doubts and deliver the service we promise, whether it is for a long-term or short-term.